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Phoenix 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter

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• Quick and easy disassembly
• Includes interchangeable color panels in Red and Blue (Figure A)
• Armrests are padded and adjustable
• Quick connect batterie
• Egonomic throttle control
• Height-adjustable swivel seat with two-tone upholstery
• Flat-free, non-marking tires
• Large, plastic carry basket
• Easy-to-adjust tiller
• Anti-tip wheels
• Headlight
• Swivel seat with fold-down backrest
• Easy free wheel operation

PRODUCTS Description
PHOENIXHD4 Phoenix HD 4Whl Travel POV 17.5" Seat
PHOENIXHD4-20 Phoenix HD 4Whl Travel POV 20" Seat
Base Weight 77 lbs.
Batteries (pair) 12V x 20AH
Battery Weight (pair) 31 lbs.
Brakes Electromagnetic
Charger 1.5A Offboard
Climbing Angle 6°
Dimensions 41.5" (L) x 22.5" (W)
Floor to Seat Height 20" - 22"
Front Wheels 9" x 3" Flat-free
Ground Clearance 3.75"
Heaviest Piece 46 lbs. (Front Section)
Maximum Range 15 miles
Motor 24V x 350W x 3600 rpm
Rear Wheels 9" x 3" Flat-free
Seat Dimensions 17.5" (W) x 17" (D)
Seat Type Folding


Seat Weight 21 lbs.
Top Speed 4 mph
Total Weight (excl. hand control) 129 lbs.
Turning Radius 54"
Warranty on Batteries 12 Months
Warranty on Drive Train Components 24 Months
Warranty on Electronic Controller 24 Months
Warranty on Frame Lifetime
Weight Capacity 350 lbs
Weight Capacity (13046 | 13046-HD) 350 lbs.
Wheel Base Dimensions (L x W) 30.7" x 19.1" | 30.7" x 19.1"
SF8010 Oxygen Holder Set, L Type,1/ea, EA
SF8020 Rear Basket Set, LType, 1/ea, EA
SF8050 Sun Shade for Scooter,1/ea, EA
PARTS Description
S31004GT HandleBarCover, Digital Batt Gauge,1/ea, EA
S3KEY Key for Phoenix,Daytona3,4,1/ea, EA
C20-007-00200 PlasticHandGrip,BcatX/PhoenixHD,Mav,1/ea, PR
S31130-4HD Rear Frame, Phoenix 4 HD, 1/ea, EA
LRM412123 21AH Battery,POV, 1/ea, EA
BC35051 BasketHook Set,Phoenix,Scout,Ventura,1/e, EA
S31052 Armrest Knob POV 1/ea, EA
S31026 Anti Tip Wheel,Phoenix/Bobcat,1/ea, EA
S350016910 Rear Axle Bolt,Phoenix, Bobcat X, 1/ea, EA
LRM412103-11 Speed Control Knob, EA
S35048MFR Mud Flap, Right, Phoenix HD, 1/ea, EA
S350169706-HD BatteryCaseOnly,Phoenix-3HD,4HD,1/ea, EA
S35048MFL Mud Flap, Left, Phoenix HD, 1/ea, EA
S350169706-HDCP Battery Box Charge Port, Phoenix HD,1/ea, EA
S31031K FreeWheel Lever Knob,Phoenix,1/ea, EA
S350104 Front Bumper,Phnx4,1/ea, EA
S350103 Connecting Rod,Phnx4/HD4,1/ea, EA
S350108 Front Frame,Phnx4/HD4,1/ea, EA
S350107 Front Shroud,Phoenix4/HD4,1/ea, EA
S3501BL-1 FrontDecor,Blue,Left,Phoenix4/HD4,1/ea, EA

More Information
Width Open 307
Ramp Time 313
Rail Width 310
Height 294
Base Material 314
Deck Height Range 162
Intensity Control K0801
Width Inside Back Leg 822383293264
Board Height 50822383293269
Rear Glides Lifetime on frame, 14 months on electric controller and drive train components, 6 months on batteries.
Rear Wheel 350
Width Folded 1/ea
Cane Handle Height 85 lbs
Ceiling Size 29 lbs
Table Tray Width 28 lbs
Wheels 142 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 Amp, Off board
Wave Form 4 mph
Width Between Arms 52.00
Dimensions Setup 6
Hinged Panel Height 2.50
Handlebar To Armrest Height 19.00
Casters Two 12V x 20AH
Cradle Points Electromagnetic
Heaviest Piece 8.00
Seat To Floor 8.00
Flow Rate 40.00
Sling Points 17.50
Wave Delivery 15 miles
Front Wheels 24V x 350W x 3600rpm
Laterals 46 lbs (Front Section)
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