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Power Mobility Oval Bag

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The Power Mobility Oval Bag by Drive Medical attaches to the backrest of your power scooter or wheelchair, out of your way. This large, stylish bag can easily hold a netbook or a tablet and accessories. This Oval Bag is also a great way to carry around a newspaper, book, or anything else you may need to carry with you while on your power scooter or wheelchair.
Sturdy, hard-sided bag that provides safe storage for your items. Can be unzipped to expand for even more packing space. Fits all Drive Medical Power Chairs and Scooters.
More Information
Width Open 307
Ramp Time 312
Rail Width 309
Height 294
Base Material 314
Deck Height Range 159
Width Inside Back Leg 822383274720
Rear Glides Limited Lifetime Warranty
Width Folded 1/ea
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