Invacare, Tracer SX5 Recliner Wheelchair, TRSX5RC

Invacare, Tracer SX5 Recliner Wheelchair, TRSX5RC

MOBB, Aluminum Wheelchair, MHALWC

MOBB, Aluminum Wheelchair, MHALWC

Amylior, Deluxe CGT Transport Chair, TC1217DLX


To improve user experience the DELUXE CGT Transport Chair by Amylior is equipped with retractable and removable armrests which feature two settings; full length or desk option (to get near tables). The footrests are both retractable and adjustable in length.

The 12’’ back wheels improve the chair’s rolling motion and obstacle handling while the fold-down backrest makes storage for transport so easy.

Dynamic brakes allow the attendant to slow down prior to coming to a complete stop and the wheel locking mechanism makes user transfers safer.

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TC1217DLX, TC1219DLX, TC1222DLX

Deluxe CGT Transport Chair features:


• Dynamic brakes
• 12’’ back wheels
• Quick release, fold-down backrest
• Flip-up, removable and dual-function armrests (full length and desk lenght)
• Wheel lock mechanism
• Swing-away / adjustable length footrest


Available options:

• Width 17’’, 19’’ or 22’’
• Burgundy or Blue



TC1217DLX 17’’ 28 lbs 285 lbs
TC1219DLX 19’’ 30 lbs 285 lbs
TC1222DLX 22’’ 32 lbs 400 lbs



5 years : frame
1 year : every other component

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Manufacturer Amylior by Continent Globe
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