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Gemino, Gemino 30 Parkinsons Rollator

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Gemino 30 Parkinsons Rollator


Rollator specially designed for people with Parkinson’s.

Some people need a little extra help to be able to walk safely. If you have Parkinson's disease, you may be one of those people. We’ve developed a rollator with you in mind, with features that are fully tailored to your particular needs. With the Gemino 30 Parkinson you’ll get out and about safely - and with confidence!

Gemino 30 Parkinsons Rollator features:


Adjustable Slowdown Brake Promotes a Steady Walking Pace

The lightweight Gemino 30 Parkinson rollator is fitted with a slowdown brake, which provides additional resistance and helps you walk at a steady pace. Need more, or less, resistance? The level of resistance can easily be adjusted to your specific needs.

Adjustable Slowdown Brake Promotes a Steady Walking Pace


Increased Safety with Reverse Braking System

The reverse braking system is another great feature of the Gemino 30 Parkinson: The rollator immediately stops moving once the brake is released. This increases safety for you if you experience 'freezing' while walking  - when it feels like your feet are glued to the ground.


Increased Safety with Reverse Braking System

Laser Device Helps Overcome Freezing

A laser line can help you to get going again if you freeze. With this special rollator you can activate a laser line by pressing a button on the push handles. Through concentrating on the line that appears on the ground, you can then step over it - and get moving again.


Laser Device Helps Overcome Freezing

Award-Winning Design

The Gemino 30 Parkinson ‘medical rollator’ is available in 2 frame sizes (30 and 30M). And of course, it offers you all the benefits of our award-winning Gemino 30 rollator. 100% comfort, safety and design. With a wide choice of stylish and practical accessories for easy personalization.





  30 Parkinsons 30 M Parkinsons
Product Width: 24" 24"
Product Height: 31" - 39" 27" - 35"
Product Length:  26" 26"
Folded Width: 9" 9"
Folded Height: 32" 30"
Folded Length: 10" 10"
Seat Height: 24" 22"
Turning Radius: 33" 33"
Width Between Push Handles: 19" 19"
Recommended User Height: 4'11" - 6'7" 4'5" - 5'7"
Max. User Weight 130 Kg. 130 Kg.
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Manufacturer Gemino by Sunrise Medical
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