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Parsons, Chair Sensor Pad, 16M104A

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Chair Sensor Pad by Parsons

Chair Sensor Pad Features:


Replacement sensor pad measuring 10 x 15 in (25 x 38 cm) designed to meet the most demanding of long term use. They are designed to stay put, meaning fewer false alarms. Smaller pads have a tendency to slide in a bed or chair, but these large pads stay securely under the patient, while allowing them to shift positions and not worry about setting off the alarm. In addition to more freedom of movement for the patient, larger pads allow better placement for the caregiver. Pads can be placed near the back of the chair for more sensitivity. Cord length approximately 32 in (81 cm). Minimum weight limit: 80 lbs (31 kg).

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Manufacturer Parsons
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